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Ars Endüstri

Ars Endüstri
About Us

We are at your service with superior technology and trained personnel.

ARS ÇELİK, established in 1985 by İsmail Aydın in Kocaeli on an area of 100 square meters; It started its operations as a Steel Workshop. By incorporating the treatment sector in 1990, it added a new one to its working area and in 1994 it was expanded to 2000 square meters. The company continued its activities in the main building until the end of 2019, and now continues its production without slowing down in its new 5000 square meter facility with more than 40 personnel.

Company; Thanks to the services it has successfully provided and developed since its establishment, it has achieved significant success at local, regional and national levels and has made great contributions to the country's economy. The mutual trust and working understanding that it has established with all the institutions and organizations it cooperates with has always constituted its most important values.

ARS ÇELİK, by keeping pace with the changing conditions of the period, provides steel construction, industrial facility, industry-based machinery manufacturing, tank and piping works, machine platforms, machine maintenance and revision works, and special manufacturing services according to the project.

Our Vision

As ARS Arıtma ve Çelik, our company has proudly signed steel roof, facade coatings, steel construction, treatment facilities, treatment equipment, treatment plant operation solutions for many industrial and commercial facilities in our country with its superior technology and trained personnel power.

Our Mission

As ARS Arıtma ve Çelik, we have adopted the principle of continuous improvement and change as a principle, and by providing the necessary support in steel construction projects with its expert technical staff, it has made it a principle to complete every building and treatment project without any problems.

Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy; We believe that quality is not a goal to be achieved, but a process that needs to be developed and maintained continuously. In this context, we continue to invest continuously in the development of our employees, working processes, as well as our machinery and equipment. Our system itself, which ensures the continuity of this process, is constantly being developed in accordance with the conditions and technology of the time..